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LessonFlow is the multi-departmental lessons learned system for your organisation.

A systems where Lessons are Captured, Validated, Shared and Incorporated into best practices, guidance and procedures all within a single, auditable system.


Whether you capture lessons learned during after action reviews, at the end of projects or throughout day-to-day activities, LessonFlow can help.

LessonFlow makes it easier to capture all types of lessons using a configurable Add Lesson section. Fields can be added, renamed or removed to reflect your organisation’s process and requirements.

Fields can be made mandatory to ensure relevant information is recorded and target close out dates set to ensure that lessons don’t stagnate in the system.

Information recorded includes:

  • Fully flexible categorisation based on the needs of the organisation
  • Tracking, including dates, authors and actionees
  • Lesson impact to record time and costs, both positive and negative
  • Attachments of documents, images or even file locations
  • Configurable Risk Matrix
  • Lesson History records the status of the lesson and identity of the Lesson Author / Editor each time the lesson is saved

Validate and Share

Not all lessons captured are actually worth capturing. Successful Lessons Learned systems focus on quality of lessons over quantity.

With LessonFlow each lesson can be analysed and validated by an appropriate Subject Matter Expert (SME) to ensure the lesson is correct and appropriately categorised.

Lessons can also be shared with other users and rated for usefulness and quality using a simple star rating.

The system can push lessons and information out to users rather than being just a static repository relying on search alone.

Report and Analyse

LessonFlow comes with a set of standard and customisable reports that show how the system is being used.

Reports can show what search terms are being used and who is making best use of the system. This allows a proactive approach to the data by identifying learning gaps through analysis of usage.

Reports are configurable based on each client’s categories and needs and are presented as either a table or chart type which are rendered interactively in HTML5.

Easy to Access, Easy to Search

Categorisation allows lessons to be easily accessible and searchable across the LessonFlow system.

Lessons can be categorised in any number of ways whether by team, location, function or operation.

This categorisation is fully configurable to reflect the structure and terminology that your organisation uses.

LessonFlow search functionality is intuitive and comprehensive, allowing users to find the most relevant Lessons quickly and easily.


A lesson identified is not necessarily a lesson learned until it has been applied and incorporated into the organisation.

The review cycle for a policy or procedure document can be a year or more, meaning that they don’t always include the latest learning or information.

LessonFlow allows users to raise a lesson or observation against a specific policy, procedure or standard document. The lesson is then reviewed and validated / approved by the owner for incorporation into that particular document.

We're Here to Help

We have decades of experience in developing and implementing lessons learned software systems. We can guide you through the process of building an effective lessons learned solution, delivered through LessonFlow.

Historical data and current systems are also no problem. We can generally find a way to migrate existing lessons to LessonFlow for most organisations. The first step is to get in touch to discuss your requirements, understand your business and it’s processes. 

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